2009 Arctic Visiting Speaker Tours

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23 November 2009 to 25 November 2009
Randall Zarnke

In November 2009 Randall Zarnke traveled to the community of Cordova, Alaska to share his wealth of information on trapping safety and the effects of diseases and parasites on population ecology of wildlife species. While in Cordova he visited a Boy Scout Troop to show them how various traps and snares operate. They also viewed a film called, "Sharing Alaska's Trails." Zarnke interviewed a local Cordova elder about his experiences with hunting, trapping, and fishing in coastal Alaska. Cordova's Hunter Safety Class, which is a class of K–12 students and their parents, also met with Mr.

8 April 2009 to 10 April 2009
Michelle Ridgway

In April 2009 Michelle Ridgway traveled to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska to share her experiences in Alaska ocean exploration. Michelle spoke to the scientific staff, students from Seward High School marine biology class, and the general public.