Kathleen Osgood | Monday, 10 March 2008 - Thursday, 27 March 2008

10 March 2008 to 27 March 2008
Kathleen Osgood

In March 2008 Dr. Kathleen Osgood Dana traveled to Borgarnes, Iceland and Rovaniemi, Finland to deliver talks on contemporary indigenous literature of the North.

While in Iceland, Kati addressed students at Bifröst University. She also presented a lecture titled, "Saana, Malla, and the Tears of Kilpis" to a local classroom, with the assistance of Dûra Eyland Garéirsdottir.

Kati then traveled to Rovaniemi, Finland to present at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. She delivered two separate lectures titled, "The Shaman as poet in a postcolonial northern world" and "The indigenous author as ecologist." While not presenting at the Arctic Centre, Kati spoke at the Steiner School with the assistance of Outi Snellman. While in Rovaniemi, Kati also attended an evening showing of the film "Northern Images."

Dr. Kathleen Osgood Dana is a comparative literature scholar at the University of the Arctic in Vermont. Her primary interests are in contemporary indigenous literature of the North, particularly as a tool of cultural revival and survival.

Kati has extensive experience presenting talks to an array of audiences. Since the 1980s, she has been talking to groups as varied as Girl Scouts and international arctic social scientists, laypeople, and indigenous students. For a week in May 2002 Kati brought her doctoral research about circumpolar native literature to students in the literature department at Sakha State University in Yakutsk, Siberia as part of an Arctic Visiting Speakers Tour. Kati has said she likes "the challenge of adapting materials to a particular audience."