Jon Waterman | Wednesday, 9 April 2008 - Friday, 11 April 2008

9 April 2008 to 11 April 2008
Jon Waterman


In April 2008 Jonathan Waterman traveled to the Center for Northern Studies at Sterling College in Vermont to share his unique perspective on the North and his views on the environment, politics, and preservation.

Jonathan spoke to members of Sterling College faculty, students, and the general public. During his time at Sterling College, he ate with the students, joined classes and met with students who have read his writing as part of their coursework. He also presented a free public lecture entitled "Oil Versus Wilderness & Climate Change in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" at Sterling College. Jonathan also spoke at the Craftsbury Academy – a local public junior/senior high school – located next door to Sterling College. He discussed issues related to environmental preservation and natural resource exploration in Alaska.

Jonathan Waterman is an author, filmmaker, and lecturer specializing in northern issues. He brings a unique perspective on the North and is an experienced mountaineer and explorer as well as a professional photographer and passionate advocate for the environment. He has told stories in many of his books that effectively bring the landscape and experience of the North to diverse audiences (he has authored 9 books on the North and many articles for various publications including National Geographic Adventure). Jonathan is an NEA Literary Fellow and has won numerous literary awards as well as an Emmy for the film, Surviving Denali. Jonathan Waterman lives in Carbondale, Colorado and is internationally renowned for an adventure career that has explored wilderness, culture, and the environment.