Ken Tape | Monday, 9 July 2007 - Friday, 13 July 2007

9 July 2007 to 13 July 2007
Ken Tape

In July 2007 researcher Ken Tape traveled to Denver, Colorado to present a talk titled "Climate Warming and the Changing Arctic Landscape: Repeat Photography of Vegetation, Glaciers, and Permafrost." His presentation used old photographs of the Arctic that have been repeated recently, and the comparison of old and new photos reveal the landscape changes underway in the arctic. He delivered his talk at the Denver Open Media (DOM) studio run by Deproductions. DOM is a public access television station with a live audience of over 50 people in the studio and with a broadcast audience as large as 300,000 viewers in the Denver metro area. His presentation aimed at exposing a diverse audience to climate change issues.

Ken presented a talk titled "Dog-mushing under the Northern Lights" about his winter experiences in the Arctic to a group of students participating in the "Weld County Partners" summer program in Greeley, CO. The program is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program funded by the United Way. Both talks were promoted and publicized by DOM and the Denver Public Library.

Ken has written for technical and popular journals, and is currently writing a book about climate change for the general public called "Climate Warming and the Changing Landscape of Northern Alaska: Repeat Photography of Shrubs, Trees, Glaciers, and Permafrost" (University of Alaska Press). The book will cover the same topics as his talk in Denver, while also interweaving the experiences and observations of individuals involved in the initial photography (taken in the 1940's). Current photography and ground measurements for future generations will also be discussed.