Angaangaq Lyberth | Thursday, 29 November 2007 - Saturday, 1 December 2007

29 November 2007 to 1 December 2007
Angaangaq Lyberth

In November 2007 Angaangaq Lyberth or "Uncle" as he is known traveled to Montpelier, Vermont. While there Uncle delivered a talk at the Montpelier Community Justice Center on the "Use of Circles" in conflict resolution. He also addressed the public about lessons he had learned about the changing world and offered wisdom imparted by the Elders of his community during several events over two days. These events included a public lecture the evening of November 29th at the library in Montpelier, an intensive community workshop all day on November 30th, and a community family night the evening of November 30th. He also performed a Sunrise/water ceremony on the morning of December 1, 2007.

Angaangaq Lyberth is a Kalaallit Inuk, a carrier of the traditional Qilaut-drum, and an Angakkuq-Shaman, whose family belongs to a long line of Traditional Healers from the west coast of Greenland. His name, Angaangaq, means "The Man Who Looks Like His Uncle."

Angaangaq, or "Uncle" as he is known around the Globe, has addressed audiences in more than 40 countries on a wide range of issues, including the impact of climate change on the indigenous peoples of the arctic region. He conveys his message through a combination of storytelling, song and drumming, and dialogue with program participants. Angaangaq is also a skilled mediator and facilitator, helping resolve intra-familial and tribal/community disputes through the use of talking circles.