Syndonia (Donie) Bret-Harte | Wednesday, 3 May 2006 - Saturday, 6 May 2006

3 May 2006 to 6 May 2006
Syndonia (Donie) Bret-Harte

In early May, Dr. Syndonia Bret-Harte traveled to Concord High School in New Hampshire to lecture about her work on tundra plants and climate change. The primary focus of her tour involved interactions with Mr. Tom Crumrine's students. Last summer, Crumrine traveled to Alaska to work with Bret-Harte and learn about the research she is conducting. Drawing on these experiences, made possible by the TREC program, Crumrine has worked with his students on projects that mimic what Bret-Harte does in the arctic. This tour provided a chance for Crumrine's students to present what they have learned to Bret-Harte; it also allowed her to visit the plots that they set up so that she could provide feedback on their research. Additionally, Bret-Harte spent time speaking with students who have an interest in pursuing science as a career providing an opportunity for them to ask questions about her work.