Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff | Tuesday, 11 July 2006

11 July 2006
Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff

In July 2006, Larry Merculieff participated in the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators (NAME) Conference, which was held in Seward, Alaska. As part of his tour, Merculieff spoke about Elder wisdom, traditional ways of knowing, global climate changes and their effects on the Bering Sea and Arctic, and traditional wisdom about relationship to the environment. This discussion covered the who, what, and where of traditional knowledge, traditional ways of living, the importance of subsistence and survival, and meaningful applications of traditional knowledge. He also talked about marine mammals in the context of climate change and industrialized fishing.

In addition to his participation in the NAME conference, Merculieff spoke to a public audience about his own life experiences and traditional relationship to birds, fish, marine mammals, the sea, and the Earth.