Charles Wohlforth | Friday, 7 January 2005 - Tuesday, 11 January 2005

7 January 2005 to 11 January 2005
Charles Wohlforth

In early January 2005, Alaskan author Charles Wohlforth once again participated in the Arctic Visiting Speakers' Program. For this tour, Wohlforth traveled to San Diego and presented a public lecture during the opening session of the Annual Meeting of the American Meteorology Society. One of the primary themes of the meeting was "Living in the Coastal Zone" and Wohlforth aptly illustrated his experiences in native villages of northern Alaska where lifestyles are changing due to the shifting Arctic environment .

He also participated in WeatherFest, an interactive science and weather fair open to the public and geared especially toward K-12 students. WeatherFest featured exhibits on meteorology, oceanography, and other related sciences. Overall, Wohlforth reached nearly 300 participants providing an opportunity to better understand high-latitude climate change and its impact on the indigenous Alaskan population.