Leonid Baskin | Monday, 14 October 2002 - Wednesday, 6 November 2002

14 October 2002 to 6 November 2002
Leonid Baskin


He covered the following topic, “How you can manage reindeer (Indigenous people science of herding)” with a variety of audiences.

General audience: “Herding reindeer: principles and methods used indigenous peoples in Russian North: managing single animal, small and large groups, leaders of reindeer groups and managing their behavior, reindeer dogs as helpers”.

Scientific audience (students, teachers, scientists): “Behavioral principles of reindeer herding: managing motivation and stimuli of behavior, causes and routes of migrations, basic methods of fattening”.

Ethnographer (students, teachers, scientists) audience: “Herding systems of reindeer indigenous people in Russian North: types of reindeer herding, specificities of management”.

Herders and manager’s audience: “Development of reindeer managing from hunters to herders: routine life of herders through seasons, regulation of sex and age composition of herds, private and state ownership, status of domestic and wild reindeer populations”.