Workshop on the Dynamics and Mass Budget of Arctic Glaciers & the IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 10 January 2012 to 13 January 2012

Where: Zieleniec, Poland


This workshop will be held from 10-13 January 2012 at the Vital & Spa Resort Szarotka, Zieleniec, Poland. Participation is open to everyone interested in Arctic glaciology.

The purpose of this meeting is:

  1. To present and discuss new results on observations and modelling of the dynmamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers, including the Greenland ice sheet.
  2. To plan and coordinate field work on Arctic glaciers with the aim of using the available infrastructure and logistics in the most efficient way.
  3. To develop ideas for future projects and collaboration.

The program will be distributed in the second half of November 2011 and made available before the meeting.

Contributions are welcome in the form of oral presentations and/or posters. Three full days of talks and poster presentations are planned. Those intending to attend the meeting should submit abstracts no later than 2 December, 2011.

For planning purposes registration is recommended by 1 November, 2011.

For more information, please email:
krzysztof.migala [at]