IPY 2012 "From Knowledge to Action" Conference

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 22 April 2012 to 27 April 2012

Where: Montreal, Canada


This upcoming international forum in April 2012 will be a valuable opportunity to demonstrate and apply the latest findings of polar research on a broad range of topics from oceans and sea ice, to permafrost, vegetation and wildlife, to changes in Arctic communities and beyond. The From Knowledge to Action Conference will present the highlights of IPY 2007-2008 and the recent polar science assessments that are advancing our knowledge of the polar regions.

The Conference will draw on examples and best practices of the application of this knowledge to policies, programs and education, as well as to observation systems and networks and other actions. The From Knowledge to Action Conference will bring together internationally-renowned polar researchers with policy makers, analysts, community members, industry representatives, non-governmental organizations and other interested groups to discuss the results of the largest-ever coordinated program of multi-disciplinary research in the earth’s polar regions. The From Knowledge to Action Conference will examine the current state and key changes in the polar regions and identify actions that will be important in a global context.

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