2011 LOICZ Open Science Conference; Coastal Systems, Global Change, and Sustainability

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 12 September 2011 to 15 September 2011

Where: Yantai, China


The objective of this session is to discuss interrelationships in terms of the viability of coastal communities, their vulnerability, and policies and strategies for adaptation to local and global change.
Organizers are soliciting contributions both on physical processes, ecological perspectives, and ecosystem services and on social, economic, and governance aspects, including the following topics:

- Physical perspectives: High-frequency environmental forcing (atmospheric and oceanographic), sea-level changes, on/offshore permafrost dynamics and gas hydrate stability, sea-ice dynamics, biogeochemical transformations, sediment dynamics, etc.;

- Ecological perspectives: Ecosystem services and biodiversity, including coastal ecosystems, habitats, species, etc.;

- Socio-economic perspectives: Socio-economic transformations, including market and non-market sectors; economic wellbeing and local economic impacts; fisheries, hydrocarbon exploitation, marine shipping, and related risks and prospects for coastal communities; community vulnerability and adaptation; governance and institutions, etc.

Confirmed keynote speakers for the session are Mikhail Grigoriev, Permafrost Institute RAS, Yakutsk, Russia; and Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, NordRegion, Stockholm, Sweden. The session will serve as the launch
venue for Arctic Coasts as the new LOICZ research hotspot.

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