Beringia Days

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 9 September 2011 to 10 September 2011

Where: Nome, Alaska

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Beringia Days is a public forum sponsored by the National Park Service that highlights activities and projects involving the Beringia region of the United States and Russia. The conference brings together the Native peoples of Alaska and Chukotka as well as Russian and American scholars, researchers, environmentalists, and representatives of government and non-governmental organizations. Cooperators report on projects funded through the Shared Beringian Heritage Program (SBHP) at the National Park Service. The conference is a bi-annual occasion that attracts a wide variety of people working on or interested in the Beringia region. It encourages discussion and provides a venue to explore opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. Participants from Alaska and Russia use this meeting to develop shared goals and partnerships.

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