INQUAA 2011 Session: Thermokarst and permafrost dynamics: feedbacks with climate change at the XVIII INQUA-Congress

Event Type: Lectures/Panels/Discussions

When: 20 July 2011 to 27 July 2011

Where: Bern, Switzerland


Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2010

We solicit papers and discussions reflecting our current understanding of the importance of permafrost and thermokarst for past, present and future high-latitude lowland environments and their impacts on global climate dynamics in the Quaternary. In this session we are also interested in submissions from a wide range of disciplines that can provide qualitative and/or quantitative information on permafrost-thermokarst-climate feedbacks on various time-scales during the Quaternary, including but not limited to cryolithology, paleoecology, isotope chemistry, biogeochemistry, microbiology, geomorphology, hydrology, and spatially distributed modelling of permafrost, thermokarst, and their climate feedbacks.

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