Tribal Energy Development at the Federal Level: New opportunities for tribal projects, new policies, regulations and markets

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 14 July 2011 to 15 July 2011

Where: Washington, D.C.


Energy development on Tribal lands is evolving with new partnerships between Tribes, the federal government, states and the private sector in fossil fuels, renewables and transmission. This seminar will kick off with an in-depth report from the Hill on national Tribal energy policy being debated in Washington, DC and across the nation, from the ARRA stimulus experience through new leadership for Tribal energy in the U.S. Departments of Energy and Interior. The opportunities for Tribes and Alaska Natives to advance projects in Indian Country will be highlighted.

Successful case studies and a finance roundtable will examine innovative funding structures that work. Concrete strategies on permitting and contracting will be presented and key agency officials will provide a roadmap for accessing their programs and funds. The conference includes a valuable session on the nuts and bolts of working with policymakers and agencies to achieve project goals and keep projects on track.

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