El Niño and Alaska - Past, Present, and Future

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 26 August 2014

Where: Online: 10:00 AM AKDT

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Rick Thoman of the National Weather Service and Jon Gottschalck of the NOAA Climate Prediction Center will present a webinar titled: El Niño and Alaska - Past, Present, and Future.

Variations in the tropical Pacific ocean and atmosphere are an important contributor to seasonal weather and climate variability over large portions of the globe, including Alaska. The warm phase of this variation, El Niño, is favored to be in place for the the upcoming fall and winter seasons. We will review the current state of El Niño and expected development over the next several months and examine how variations in the tropical Pacific can effect high latitude regions such as Alaska. We finish up with a look at how past El Niño falls and winters have turned out and review the forecast for this coming cold season for Alaska.

Registration is available on the website link above.