International Symposium on Hydrology of Glaciers and Ice Sheets

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 21 June 2015 to 27 June 2015

Where: Höfn, Iceland

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The International Glaciological Society (IGS) will hold an International Symposium on ‘Hydrology of glaciers and ice sheets’ in 2015 in Höfn, Iceland, from 21–27 June 2015.

This symposium will provide a forum to discuss all aspects of glacier and ice sheet hydrology and their connections to other areas of the cryosphere as well as climate sciences. It will provide an opportunity to present advances in ground- based measurements, remote sensing and modelling to stimulate discussions on their interpretation and implications. The meeting seeks to bring together scientists from around the world, to provide an overview of the current state of knowledge of glacier and ice-sheet hydrology and to provide a focus on key areas for future research.

This symposium will cover all aspects of glacial hydrology, including:

  • Glacier catchment hydrology (timing and magnitude of runoff, floods and droughts, influence of climate change, subdaily variations, applications to stakeholders, future water availability)
  • Supraglacial and firn hydrology (surface mass balance, meltwater retention in firn, percolation, ice lensing, supraglacial streams and lakes, supraglacial systems on ice shelves and ice tongues, aquatic biological communities, ice/ dust interaction, influence on albedo)
  • Englacial and subglacial hydrology (crevassing and moulins, influence on thermal structure, basal melting/freezing, englacial and subglacial channels, submarine melting, subglacial lakes, thermodynamics at meltwater–ice interface, biology)
  • Basal sliding and ice dynamics (sliding speed, dependence on effective pressure, cavitation, sediment strength, hydrology of ice streams, calving processes)
  • Jökulhlaups and hazards (subglacial lakes and outburst floods, marginal lakes, moraine-dammed lakes, timing and magnitude of discharge)
  • Erosion and landforms (role in quarrying, deformation and transport of sediments, eskers, drumlins, mega-scale glacial lineations)
  • Hydrology of subglacial eruptions (meltwater production and pathways, eruption site water retention, steam and ash, floods, subglacial geothermal areas, porous media hydrology and thermodynamics)
  • Instrumentation and methods (remote sensing, field techniques, new technologies, geochemistry)

A mixture of oral and poster sessions, interlaced with ample free time, forms the general framework of the symposium, which is intended to facilitate exchange of scientific information between participants in an informal manner. Additional activities include the customary icebreaker, a symposium banquet along with pre-, mid- and post-symposium field excursions to specifically selected, stellar locations at and around Vatnajökull and south Iceland.

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