IARPC Food Security Webinar

Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 25 June 2014

Where: Online 3:00pm to 4:00pm EDT

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Understanding the challenges to food security in the rapidly changing Arctic and ensuring safe and consistent availability, access, and usage of food resources for indigenous communities is critical for sustaining livelihoods, promoting health and well-being, and helping to preserve cultures, traditional knowledge, and socio-linguistic heritage. Given projected climatic and environmental changes, with expected concomitant development activities and opportunities for increased natural resource exploitation, reliance on community-based monitoring programs to track changes in the distribution and relative abundance of food resources, along with impacts on biodiversity, cultural identity, health, language, livelihoods, and traditional knowledge, will be crucial for safeguarding sustainable communities in the Arctic.

Contact Sara Bowden, bowden [at] arcus.org, if you would like to join this meeting.