AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 1 May 2014 to 2 May 2014

Where: Washington, D.C.

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The annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy is the conference for people interested in public policy issues facing the science, engineering, and higher education communities. Since 1976, it has been the place where insiders go to learn what is happening and what is likely to happen in the coming year on the federal budget and the growing number of policy issues that affect researchers and their institutions. Come to the Forum, learn about the future of S&T policy, and meet the people who will shape it.

Session Topics include:

  • Budgetary and Policy Context for R&D in FY 2015
  • A Conversation with the President’s Science Advisor
  • AAAS Overview of R&D in the FY 2015 Proposed Budget
  • Measuring the Impacts of Science
  • Synergy in STEM + Arts: Catalyzing US Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Making Science Matter: Strengthening Engagement of Scientists & Engineers in the Policy Process
  • US Leadership in the Artic Council: International Science Cooperation
  • William D. Carey Lecture
  • Reproducibility in Science
  • Emerging Technologies & National Security