International Conference of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) VIII

'Northern Sustainabilities'

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 22 May 2014 to 26 May 2014

Where: Prince George, British Columbia

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ICASS VIII's theme is 'Northern Sustainabilities'. By using the plural, we underscore both that ‘sustainability’ has social, cultural, economic, political and environmental dimensions, and that definitions of the concept vary. Yet, while debating specific definitions, most would agree that working toward sustainable ways of living in the North and on approaches to sustainable engagement with the North, are critical both to the North’s and to the world’s future. Community sustainability in the North, whether for small settlements or large urban conglomerations, requires new models of food and energy security, and of access to employment, health care and social and cultural services for residents. The North is faced with demographic challenges to sustainability. Appropriate governance regimes for renewable and nonrenewable resources underpin sustainable development. We will welcome sessions and papers on all facets of sustainability in the North. And, as always, we also welcome sessions and papers on all other subjects of relevance to our members.