NORA Region Conference 2013: "North Atlantic in the Media -- The Media in the North Atlantic"

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 6 November 2013

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Through the NORA REGION CONFERENCE 2013, NORA seeks to focus on the common challenges that many media outlets in the NORA Region face. Such as media economy, journalistic impartiality and critical journalism in small communities where direct confrontation is generally not the norm. NORA hopes that the conference will help enhance regional news coverage through a closer cooperation among representatives of the media in the NORA Region.

Questions that will be discussed include:

  • What impact has this interest had on the global media picture of the countries in the NORA Region?
  • How can small North Atlantic media companies survive in an increasingly competitive global media environment? * How can critical journalism be strengthened in small communities where resources are limited and where a journalist's sources often could be a close friend or relative?
  • What challenges and opportunities does social media present for the NORA Region?

For more information, please visit the conference website.