Transantarctic Mountains Science Meeting

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 23 June 2013 to 24 June 2013

Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The inaugural Transantarctic Mountains Science Meeting will be held at the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis, MN. The purpose of the meeting is to allow for annual interaction amongst and within the varied group of established and young scientists of any background with interests in Transantarctic Mountains (TAM). The meeting is structured to facilitate:

  • high profile invited synthesis talks,
  • short three minute descriptions of recent results,
  • determination of grand scientific challenges,
  • only one concurrent oral session to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange,
  • ample time for exchange of ideas and planning for future research and collaborations,
  • planning of future campaigns and shared field sites.

The Polar Geospatial Center, located on campus of University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, is providing the local organizational support. The scientific program and overall lead will be provided by the planning committee: Chair - Jaakko Putkonen (University of North Dakota); members - Nick Golledge (University of Wellington, NZ), Erik Gulbranson (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Audrey Huerta (Central Washington University), Chui Lau (Princeton University), Melissa Nigro (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Eric Sokol (Virginia Polytechnic Institute).

Please register on the website. We can accommodate and support approximately 80 attendees. If you plan on attending and need support please sign up right away as the meeting may fill up quickly and the support will run out. All information including: FAQ, Shackleton campsite information, last year’s workshop summary, this year’s meeting agenda, etc. can be found at the following website

For More Information Contact:
Jaakko Putkonen, Ph.D., Transantarctic Mountains Science Meeting Chair
Assistant Professor, Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Email: tamscience [at]
Tel: (701) -777- 3213
Fax: (701) -777- 4449