Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 5 June 2013 to 7 June 2013

Where: Tromso, Norway

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The CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group has held three past workshops (2009 - 2011) bringing together some of the world's leading sea ice researchers to develop, standardize and implement measurement protocols and to integrate observation and modeling. Since 2011 CliC, together with SCAR, strives to integrate sea-ice modeling and observation activities in the Southern Ocean through ASPeCt. This workshop for 30 researchers from around the world will include specialists working on sea-ice modeling, observations, remote sensing and forecasting.

Workshop goals include:

  • To establish optimal linkages between international groups involved in sea ice modeling, observations, data assimilation, prediction and service provision;
  • To find avenues for future research efforts that are most productive for addressing the gaps in knowledge and weaknesses in our ability to observe sea ice, generate sea-ice data products and strengthen sea-ice modeling capabilities; and
  • To outline observational needs for sea-ice models.

Projected outcomes include:

  • A review of the current state-of-the-art research, gaps and advances in sea-ice observations, modeling, data assimilation and prediction;
  • Action items with identified partners on how to coordinate overlapping interests, close gaps in knowledge, and enhance networking between groups; and
  • A compendium of sea-ice issues to be discussed with the wider climate community in the third meeting under this proposal.