From Ice to High Seas: Closing Events for the Ice2sea Programme

Event Type: Lectures/Panels/Discussions

When: 14 May 2013 to 16 May 2013

Where: Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, UK

More information:


The ice2sea programme is an EC FP7 project to estimate the future contribution of continental ice to sea-level rise. You will have hopefully come across the project over the last four years. We are holding a series of events next month to mark the end of the project, which the cryolist community might be interested in attending.

Date: 15th-16th May 2013
Location: Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.

These events are described on our website at but I’d like to draw your attention to the science part. Although talks and posters at this event are reserved for ice2sea scientists, we welcome anyone interested to come and hear about our results and discuss results with ice2sea scientists.

If you are interested, please register at

NB there is a small registration fee to cover the costs of the teas and lunches that will be provided. You will have to arrange your own travel and accommodation. The deadline for registering, the 8th May, is the week before the event, but it would be advisable to book accommodation earlier than this.

Attendees will also receive a copy of our final synthesis report (52 page glossy brochure) “From Ice to High Seas: Sea-level rise and European coastlines.”