Mapping Workshop: 'Glacial Landforms, how distorted is our view of them?'

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 3 September 2013

Where: Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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With the dramatic rise in geomorphological maps and mapping over the last decade there has been a natural progression towards finding more objective, and sometimes automated, techniques and procedures for mapping. Yet manual, interpretive, techniques remain effective and commonly used. We therefore think that it is important that criteria for interpretive mapping are developed, and agreed, in order to facilitate comparability and compatibility of mapped outputs. To this end we want to compare glacial geomorphological mapping by different interpreters for statistically representative synthetic drumlins within a real landscape. This can then inform both the differences/similarities in mapping and quantify the impacts upon the calculation of derived metrics. This study will then be used as the basis for a 1-day workshop at Loughborough University on developing a set of objective criteria for mapping. The workshop will lead to a joint publication of all participants.

If you are interested in participating in this project, in both the landform digitization and seminar stages, then please contact the workshop organizers.

This EGU funded workshop has bursaries available for widening participation through the support of the attendance of young researchers. Four awards of up to 500 euro are available - please send a CV and 250 personal statement in support of an application.

Confirmed participants include: C. Clark (Sheffield), C. Stokes (Durham), A. Hughes (Bergen), C. Hattestrand (Stockholm), J. Napieraiski (Michigan), M. Spagnolo (Aberdeen), P. Dunlop (Ulster).

Deadline for involvement: 22 March 2013
Cost: FREE registration