Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Group Annual Meeting

In conjunction with The International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD) Workshop

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 14 April 2013 to 16 April 2013

Where: Krakow, Poland

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Organizers announce the annual Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Working Group (CFG) meeting, the International Arctic Vegetation Database (IAVD) Workshop, and a joint meeting of both groups. The three events will precede the 2013 Arctic Science Summit Week and convene 14-16 April 2013 in Krakow, Poland.

CAFF is the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council, whose mandate is to address the conservation of arctic biodiversity and to communicate its findings to the governments and residents of the Arctic helping to promote practices that ensure the sustainability of the Arctic's living resources.

The CFG annual meeting will convene 12-14 April 2013. CFG promotes, encourages, and coordinates international conservation of arctic flora, vegetation, and habitats as well as research activities. Meeting agenda items will include:

  • The Arctic Plant Portal,
  • Red list of arctic plants, and
  • CFG activities associated with the Panarctic Species List (PASL).

Organizers request that CFG members planning to attend the meeting inform Kari Fannar Larusson (kari [at] at the CAFF Secretariat.

The joint CAFF CFG and IAVD meeting will convene 14 April. The meeting agenda will include the IAVD concept, progress to date, and status of the circumpolar vegetation datasets.

The IAVD workshop will convene 14-16 April 2013. The goal of the workshop is to engage the circumpolar community of arctic vegetation scientists in assembling this first vegetation database for the arctic tundra biome. Part of the meeting will be devoted to reviewing the status of vegetation databases in the arctic countries. Topics of invited talks include:

  • Status of arctic vegetation plot datasets and vegetation classification in the Arctic,
  • Status of arctic vegetation databases,
  • Prototype IAVD databases, and
  • Possible applications of the database.

The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) is supporting the workshop by providing funding to help some key participants get to the IAVD Workshop.

Workshop registration deadline: Friday, 1 February 2013.

For further information about the meetings, workshop, preliminary agendas, registration instructions, and funding opportunities, please visit the website.