2nd SVALI Summer School on Earth System Models and Ice Models

Event Type: Field Training and Schools

When: 13 May 2013 to 24 May 2013

Where: Espoo, Finland

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The Nordic Centre of Excellence, SVALI (Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice) will hold its second summer school on the topic of Glaciology and Earth System Models. The school is a joint effort by the SVALI consortium and CSC.

The school takes place at Nuuksio National Park in Espoo, Finland. It is conveniently located in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The near vicinity of the capital city is not visible, however - the venue is in a nature preservation area that resembles Finland's nature in its best.

The course is rather application/computation oriented, thus some theoretical background in one of those disciplines would be beneficial. Some basic skills to operate a computer will be assumed. Upon request, the school will contain a short introduction in UNIX type of environments.