Climate Change in Northern Territories

Sharing Experiences, Exploring New Methods, and Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 22 August 2013 to 23 August 2013

Where: Akureyri, Iceland

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Organizers of the conference entitled, "Climate Change in Northern Territories: Sharing Experiences, Exploring New Method,s and Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts," announce a first call for abstracts for general participation and young researchers. The conference, organized by the European Observation Network (ESPON)/Evidence in a North European Context (ENECON) in cooperation with the Northern Research Forum (NFR), will convene 22-23 August 2013 in Akureyri, Iceland.

The ENECON project addresses challenges and opportunities facing territorial development and spatial planning policies, and practices, particular to the vast territory of the very northern part of Europe. The goal of the conference is to turn attention to territorial challenges and the need for future research in the northernmost regions of Europe and the Arctic; and the challenge of translating scientific knowledge into action. The conference aims to bring together researchers who have similar backgrounds but focus on different problems and different methodological approaches. Regional and local stakeholders as well as state politicians and policymakers are also target groups for the conference.

Sub-themes of the conference include:

  • Territorial socio-economic impacts of climate change,
  • Methodologies for assessing socio-economic impact, and
  • Adaptation to climate change in regions and local communities--examining methods and sharing knowledge.

Abstract submission deadline: 28 February 2013.