Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 23 April 2013 to 25 April 2013

Where: Rovaniemi, Finland

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The natural resources of the Barents Region are of strategic importance for Europe. One intensively developing sector is mining, which will bring new opportunities to the region, but which will also cause changes in the environment. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the environmental issues connected to the mining industry and to promote best environmental practices for mines in the Barents Region. The conference will bring together operators and authorities from Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The conference aims to:

  • Get an overall understanding of the present and future development of the metal mining sector,
  • Increase awareness of the challenges of the mining sector for the environment in the Barents Region,
  • Present and disseminate the best environmental practices in this sector in Barents countries, and
  • Promote the exchange of information on assessing and managing environmental concerns in the mining sector.

Registration will open in early 2013.