9th Annual Polar Technology Conference

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 2 April 2013 to 4 April 2013

Where: Annapolis, Maryland

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The 9th Annual Polar Technology Conference will be held 2-4 April 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland at the U.S. Naval Academy. The primary purpose of this conference is to bring together polar scientists and technology developers in a forum to exchange information on research system operational needs and technology solutions that have been successful in polar environments.

Participants from the private sector, state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academia are welcome. Presentations generally cover system requirements for proposed research along with descriptions of systems and approaches that have been proven in polar deployments. Discussions on intra- and inter-national cooperation in site deployment and maintenance are encouraged. Informal breaks allow for networking and information exchange, and a poster session will be included.

A call for presentations and conference registration will be announced in mid-December 2012.