SCAR Biology Symposium: Life in Antarctica

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 16 July 2013 to 19 July 2013

Where: Barcelona, Spain

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This symposium links the functional importance of land and water ecosystems and their biocomplexity under an ecosystemic perspective in order to understand: the Antarctic trophic web; effects of human impacts such as the ozone hole, climate change, and the increase in tourism activities; the flexible boundaries and dynamic gradients in Antarctic ecosystem; and the Antarctic marine biodiversity through its patterns, processes, and trends. The symposium is organized around six themes:

  • Terrestrial biocomplexity: Function and linkages in land and water ecosystems
  • Integrated perspectives on Antarctic marine ecosystems: From krill to top predators
  • Human impacts on Antarctic ecosystems: From global change to small scale impacts
  • Physical and biogeochemical processes in the Antarctic ecosystem: Flexible boundaries and dynamic gradients
  • Antarctic marine biodiversity: Patterns, processes and trends in an ancient ecosystem
  • Outreach and Education

Abstracts are invited for poster and/or oral presentations relevant to one of these themes. Authors must be submitted online, and authors must indicate which theme's referees should evaluate the submission. Final session titles and paper allocation will be made by the Local Scientific Organizing Committee at the time of the final program composition.

Abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2013.