BSG Windsor Postgraduate Training Course

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 10 December 2012 to 13 December 2012

Where: Berkshire, United Kingdom

More information:


The British Society for Geomorphology runs a workshop for new research students in December each year and we encourage you to attend. The workshop has been running at the fantastic Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park for over 30 years - many notable researchers and academics have been and benefited from this course!

The content is non-technical, but provides training in project management, group work, dealing with large data sets, fieldwork, lab and numerical modelling. But one of the most important aspects is meeting other new researchers, finding out how the PhD is working for others in different Universities and often making friends and contacts that can last a career. You'll also meet a wide variety of academics and facilitators who are practicing researchers as well as the BSG postgrad representatives.

The cost is a heavily subsidised £110 for BSG research students (we require non members need to join the BSG, at the postgraduate rate of £45 for three years).