10th Conference of Parlimentarians of the Arctic Region

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 5 August 2012 to 7 August 2012

Where: Akureyri, Iceland

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The Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region is a biennial conference for parliamentarians representing the eight Arctic countries and the European Parliament. The first Parliamentary Conference concerning Arctic cooperation was held in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1993. The next conference will be held in the Iceland 5-7 September 2012.

The biennial conference is attended by representatives from the national parliaments of the Arctic states and the European Parliament. The Arctic indigenous peoples are permanent participants to the cooperation. Observers participate from governments and inter-parliamentary organizations as well as from observer states and relevant international organizations.

One of the main priorities of the Standing Committee was originally to support the establishment of the Arctic Council. Since then the Standing Committee has worked actively to promote the work of the Council and participates in the meetings of the Arctic Council as an observer. Today the Committee is engaged in topics like: shipping possibilities, education and research, human development and climate change.

The main items on the agenda for this conference are:
1. Arctic Governance and the Arctic Council
2. Economic opportunities in the Arctic
3. Human Development in the Arctic: Interplay of Research, Authorities and Residents

The conference will adopt a statement directed to the Arctic Council, the governments in the Arctic Region and the institutions of the European Union. Please note that participation is by invitation only.