First International Conference on Urbanization in the Arctic

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 28 August 2012 to 30 August 2012

Where: Nuuk, Greenland

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The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the immediate past, the present situation, and the prospects for the near future of urbanization in the Arctic. The conference will explore different aspects of urbanization such as:

  • The overarching framework of the urbanization process, such as national and regional policies and arctic geopolitics.
  • The specific drivers and enablers of the urbanization process,
    such as demography (for instance change in sex ration, fertility, and migration), megaprojects, industrialization, change of occupation, and the role of education and innovation.
  • The social, cultural and economic implications of the urbanization process, such as differentiated processes of urbanization, centers versus minor settlements, economic dependence versus independence and company towns versus integration of new activities.

Registration for the conference will be done via email. To register, please send your name, title, affiliation, postal and email addresses, telephone number, and any special food preferences to Klaus Georg Hansen (kgh [at] If you intend to present a paper at the conference, please include the title, author(s), a 300-word abstract, and confirmation that the paper has not previous been published.

Registration emails must be received by by 30 June 2012, and all registrants will be contacted during the first week of July 2012.