Week of the Arctic: Federal Research Processes and Priorities

Event Type: Lectures/Panels/Discussions

When: 13 August 2012

Where: Anchorage Museum Auditorium, Alaska

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The U.S. is an Arctic nation because Alaska is an Arctic state – the goal of this panel will be to better understand where and how Alaskans can have an impact in broader national and international agendas. Throughout the circumpolar north, discussions are taking place about the best way to incorporate local and traditional knowledge, as well as sub national interests, into national agendas. Learn about how national decision-making is informed by federal research priorities, and learn more about how these priorities are determined.

Join us for an evening of stimulating discussion, with speakers

  • Dr. Joel Clement, Director of Policy Analysis, Department of Interior
  • Dr. David Scott, Executive Director, Canadian Polar Commission
  • Dr. Cheryl Rosa, Deputy Director, U.S. Arctic Research

This event takes place from 6pm to 8pm at the Anchorage Museum Auditorium. Reception to follow; $15 to attend, $5 for students.