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July Sea Ice Outlook

23 July 2014

Announcing the July Sea Ice Outlook report! We received 28 pan-Arctic contributions and three regional contributions. The median Outlook value for September 2014 sea ice extent is 4.8 million square kilometers with quartiles of 4.4 and 5.0 million square kilometers. The report includes a brief executive summary, comments on modeling outlooks and on regional predictions, current conditions, and the individual Outlook contributions.

AGU Session

Photo by Ute Kaden (TREC 2005), Courtesy of ARCUS
14 July 2014

SIPN Team member Cecilia Bitz announces a call for abstracts for an AGU Session: Processes and Predictability (Session #2392). Presentations that examine the processes that govern seasonal to multidecadal polar climate variability, identify sources of polar climate predictability, and characterize uncertainty in polar climate prediction are welcome. The session seeks to connect the community of atmospheric, oceanic, and cryospheric scientists working on topics relevant to the new Polar Climate Predictability Initiative of the World Climate Research Program. It will convene during the AGU Fall Meetings in San Francisco 15-19 December 2014.

Sea Ice Outlook

Sample of SIP (i.e., ensemble mean SIE) in percent for a random year from CESM1.1.
1 July 2014

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) announces a call for contributions to the July Sea Ice Outlook report. Please see the new guidelines for submitting pan-Arctic and regional outlooks. A variety of perspectives, from advanced numerical models to qualitative perspectives from citizen scientists, are welcome.

Sea Ice Outlook

Figure 1. Distribution of individual Pan-Arctic Outlook values (June Report) for September 2014 sea ice extent (values are rounded to the tenths).
19 June 2014

The first arctic Sea Ice Outlook report of the year has been published, and we had a record number of pan-arctic contributions! The median Outlook value for September 2014 sea ice extent is 4.7 million square kilometers. Only three outlooks this are above the 2013 observed September extent. This full report includes a brief summary, comments on modeling outlook, current conditions, key statements from all the Outlook contributions, and links to download the outlook contributions.

SIPN Team Members in the News

Sun bounces off of the sea ice on a clear sunny day in the Arctic. Aboard the USCGC Polar Sea icebreaker in the Beaufort Sea.
17 June 2014

SIPN Team members Stroeve, Hamiliton, Bitz, and Blanchard-Wrigglesworth published an analysis of the ensemble skill of the SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook 2008-2013 in predicting September Arctic sea ice extent. Their article is published in Geophysical Research Letters - 16 April 2014.

New Article on Sea Ice Predictions

Median and interquartile range of July SIO predictions, compared with observed September mean sea ice extent. Image courtesy of Stroeve et al. (2014)
16 June 2014

A new article by Larry Hamilton and others on the SIPN Team looks at the overall success of informal sea ice predictions contributed to the Sea Ice Outlook (SIO). Their article was published in Witness the Arctic - Spring 2014.

New Data Available

Sea Ice
6 June 2014

A new sea ice thickness and snow depth product of the Arctic Ocean and the Beaufort and Chuckshi Seas is available from NSIDC. The 2014 quicklook data product is available here. The March 2014 CryoSat-2 data product is available here. Data collected on 28 April 2014 are forthcoming.

Sea Ice Outlook

Figure 5. Distribution of 2013 Sea Ice Outlook predictions by method and month
15 May 2014

The Sea Ice Prediction Network announces the launch of the 2014 Sea Ice Outlook season with the first call for contributions! Join a growing network of sea ice experts and contribute your pan-arctic or regional Outlook for the first report to be published in June.

Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook

Photo by Maggie Prevenas - PolarTREC/ARCUS
21 April 2014

The Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook (SIWO), a product of the Study of Environmental Change (SEARCH) and part of SIPN, has launched the 2014 season with weekly reports that combine forecasts, remote sensing data, and local observations for the Northern Bering Sea and southern Chukchi Sea regions of Alaska.

Workshop Webcast

Photo by Bruce Elder, Courtesy of Robert Harris (PolarTREC 2007)
24 March 2014

The Sea Ice Prediction workshop next week will be webcast. Information on how to join, as well as an updated workshop agenda and participant list, can be found on the workshop webpage.

SIPN Team Member in the News

Julienne Stroeve
10 March 2014

Julienne Stroeve is lead author on a Geophysical Research Letters article, "Changes in Arctic melt season and implications for sea ice loss”. The study has received a lot of good press coverage.

April Workshop

Photo by Ute Kaden (TREC 2005), Courtesy of ARCUS
6 March 2014

A 2-day Sea Ice Prediction Network workshop in Boulder, Colorado, will provide a venue for in-depth discussion on the 2014 SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook and related sea ice prediction science.

SIPN Webinar Archive

Photo by Simone Welch (PolarTREC 2009), Courtesy of ARCUS
5 March 2014

The archive of the 20 February SIPN Webinar is now available. This archive includes audio, video, and presentation slides in PDF format.

Register for Sea Ice Prediction Webinar

Thin sea ice forming in Chukchi Sea. Aboard the USCGC Healy icebreaker. Photo by Chantelle Rose (PolarTREC 2011)
6 February 2014

Registration is now available for a Sea Ice Prediction Network webinar, which will be held on Thursday, 20 February at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Alaska Standard Time. Registration is free and is open to all interested participants, including arctic sea ice researchers, students, decision makers, and others.

Sea Ice Prediction Network Webinar

Thin sea ice forming in Chukchi Sea. Aboard the USCGC Healy icebreaker. Photo by Chantelle Rose (PolarTREC 2011)
30 January 2014

Announcing a Sea Ice Prediction Network webinar on Thursday, 20 February 2014 11:00am - 12:00 pm AKST, and a Sea Ice Prediction Workshop 1-2 April in Boulder, Colorado. More information will be available here and through our email list. For now, see the initial announcement for these two events and the tentative workshop agenda.