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Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

How to Participate

Question: Do I have to download any software on to my computer to participate?


Yes, you will need to download Blackboard Collaborate and potentially a Java Application.

Question: I do not have the Internet; can I still participate?


Yes! You can join by calling 1-877-820-3199 (participant code 2728) with a telephone and listening to the audio portion of the call that way. If you would like to see the slides, you will have to email betsy [at] arcus [dot] org to get them sent to you so that you can follow along.

Question: Can I mute my phone?


If you are using the phone for the conference call audio, press * 6 to mute/# 6 to un-mute. If you are using Collaborate VOIP (talking through your computer microphone), you will always be muted unless you click the the talk button. When you are done talking, un-click the talk button.


Question: I can’t see video! What should I do?


Collaborate has a video feature, but chances are, there is no video for the event you are participating in. Most of the time we are connecting with presenters who are giving a slideshow presentation.

Question: I cannot see the slides; what should I do?


When configuring your system, go through all the necessary steps. At the time of presentation, try closing the Collaborate window and retracing your steps and coming back into the room.

Question: I hear this echoing sound or high pitched feedback; how do I fix that?


If you are using both the phone and computer, the computer must be muted. The echo or feedback should go away.

Question: Collaborate won’t work for me, what should I do?


Do you have pop-ups enabled? Pop-up’s must be enabled for Collaborate to work. You can generally do this in the “Preferences” setting of your Internet browser. Did you run the Set-up Wizard? You must configure your computer and download Collaborate. It is best to do this ahead of time with the Configuration Link ( If all else fails, try using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. This may make the difference.

Question: My slides are loading really slowly. How can I fix this?


If you have a low bandwidth connection, you may have a slight delay in the slides coming up. If it is a big problem, e-mail betsy [at] arcus [dot] org and we may be able to send you a PDF of the slides.

Question: I can’t hear the audio.


If you are using the computer for audio, make sure you have speakers plugged in and turned up. If this doesn't work, try exiting Collaborate and logging in again. If you are using the phone for audio, try hanging up and calling back into the conference call.

Question: I have more questions! I need more help!


Contact Betsy at 907-474-1600 or email betsy [at] arcus [dot] org.