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The SEARCH website is under construction; we are reorganizing it to reflect a new SEARCH structure and activities. If you have suggestions for the new website, please email Helen Wiggins at helen [at]

What's New?

Arctic Sea Ice Outlook

The Arctic Sea Ice Outlook June report is out! We received a record number of contributions: 32 contributions using a range of methods including statistical, numerical models, trend-based estimates, and subjective information. The median Outlook value for September 2015 sea ice extent is 5.0 million square kilometers. This month’s report also includes a discussion about 11 dynamical model contributions as well as sections on regional predictions and the current conditions of the sea ice. See the report here.

Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting

The Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting will be held 17-19 November 2015 in Seattle, Washington. The goals of this open meeting are to:
- Present and discuss scientific findings and advances resulting from Arctic observing projects funded by U.S. agencies and organizations;
- Review operational and technological achievements of observing programs funded through local, state, and federal agencies and private and non-profit organizations;
- Explore how well new scientific achievements meet science and mission objectives; and
- Further define and strengthen collaborations.

Meeting website here.

Call for Nominations: SEARCH Science Steering Committee

SEARCH seeks nominations of candidates for the SEARCH Science Steering Committee (SSC) that are broad and cross-disciplinary thinkers, good communicators and consensus-builders, and have a strong commitment to the SEARCH vision. Nominations due Monday, 9 March. See the announcement here.

SEARCH Seeks Project Manager and Communicator/Facilitator

29 January 2015: In addition to a Executive Director, there are two additional job openings related to the SEARCH program - a project manager that will be based at ARCUS and a communicator/facilitator to be hired through Rutgers University. More information on each position can be found here.

SEARCH Seeks Executive Director

26 January 2015: SEARCH seeks an inspiring and service-oriented leader to serve as Executive Director. The position will work with the SEARCH Science Steering Committee, researchers, stakeholders, and agency personnel to implement the goals of SEARCH. The successful candidate will be able to effect change, be capable of imparting credibility, trust, integrity, enthusiasm; and motivate others. The position will be located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and will be open until filled; application review will begin 15 March 2015. See the announcement here.

Sea Ice Outlook Post-Season Report

19 December 2014: The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN), a contribution to SEARCH, announces the 2014 Arctic Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) Post-Season Report! The post-season report includes analysis of the relative skill of various Arctic sea ice prediction models and methods and an expanded focus this year on the spatial pattern, probability, and ice-free dates for specific regions. See the report here.

Deadline Extended: Input Requested to AON Position Paper

18 December 2014: SEARCH requests input on a draft position paper on issues related to the design and implementation of an integrated AON. After further discussion and interest at the SEARCH Town Hall at the AGU Fall Meeting, the deadline has been extended to Friday, 9 January 2015. The draft position paper and more details can be found here.


9 December 2014: SEARCH will hold an open Town Hall and other sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. More info on SEARCH events at AGU can be found here.

New SEARCH Proposal Funded

The SEARCH SSC is excited to announce that a proposal to NSF to develop a new SEARCH structure and activities has been funded! As a first step in implementing activities under the new grant, which will be generally organized around the new SEARCH science goals, SEARCH held a small “kick off” meeting in September. More information about that meeting and a variety of background materials are available here. The SEARCH website will be re-structured in the coming weeks to reflect the new activities. The general outline of the new structure is available below as the "Summary of New SEARCH Framework & Plan."

Summary of New SEARCH Framework & Plan

This 5-page PDF summarizes the new SEARCH vision, mission, goals, planned activities, and structure: Download PDF here (900KB)