CSAS Projects

The CSAS projects are listed below. Click on the project title for a description of each project. Use the individual tabs for further information pertaining to specific project products, findings, images and principal and co-principal investigators.

A Change of Seasonality of the Upper Arctic Ocean in Response to Atmospheric and Sea Ice Forcing
Diamonds and Oil from the Tundra: A System Study on the Impact of Changing Seasons on Mining and Oil Exploration
Effects of Lengthening Growing Season and Increasing Temperature on Soil Carbon Fluxes and Stocks in Arctic Tundra
How Does Changing Seasonality Affect the Capacity of Arctic Stream Networks to Influence Nutrient Fluxes from the Landscape to the Ocean?
How the Timing of Summer Precipitation Affects the Responses of Boreal Forest to Climate Change
Impacts of the Changing Seasonality of Wind-Driven Mixing on the Arctic System
Pan-Arctic Climate and Ecosystem Response to Historical and Projected Changes in the Seasonality of Sea Ice Melt and Growth
Seasonality of Circumpolar Tundra: Ocean and Atmosphere Controls and Effects on Energy and Carbon Budgets
Seasons of Change in the Arctic Environment
Shifting Seasonality of Arctic River Hydrology Alters Key Biotic Linkages Among Aquatic Systems
Shifting Seasonality of Northern Forest Response to Arctic Environmental Change
The Changing Seasonality of Tundra Nutrient Cycling: Implications for Ecosystem and Arctic System Functioning
The Seasonal Response of the Arctic and Global Climate System to Projected Sea Ice Loss within the Context of GHG-Induced Climate Change
Timing is Everything: Seasonality and Phenological Dynamics Linking Species, Communities and Trophic Feedbacks in the Low vs. High Arctic
Tracking the Seasonal Contribution of Algal Fatty Acids to the Arctic Marine System
Understanding Climate-Driven Phenological Change: Observations, Adaptations, and Cultural Implications in Northeastern Siberia and Labrador/Nunatsiavut
Changing Seasonality of the Arctic: Alteration of Production Cycles and Trophic Linkages in Response to Changes in Sea Ice and Upper Ocean Physics
Analysis and attribution of changes in Siberian hydroclimate and implications for the future
Effects of warming-induced increases in shrub abundance and changing seasonality on migratory songbirds in Alaskan arctic tundra