Recommendation for Joint Science Education Project (JSEP)

A student who has submitted an application for the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP) listed you a one of his/her references. JSEP is an international science education opportunity supported by the National Science Foundation. Students and teachers from the United States, Denmark, and Greenland come together to learn about the research conducted in Greenland and the logistics involved in supporting the research. They conduct experiments first-hand and participate in inquiry-based educational activities, working alongside scientists and other experts in Arctic science. Participants are expected to interact as an international team and communicate their experience before, during, and after the expedition in public formats.

All applications will be reviewed and the participants selected by a team of highly qualified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educators and scientists. The committee finds candid evaluations very helpful in choosing amongst highly qualified candidates.

Please complete the following form ONLINE no later than February 7, 2014.

Questions regarding the form can be directed to Lynn Foshee Reed at lreed [at]

Thank you for supporting this student's application to the Joint Science Education Project!

It is recommended that you print a paper copy or save the application to a word processing file while you are working on it. Then when you are ready, complete the form online and submit.

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Student Information
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Does the student display intellectual curiosity?
Does the student enjoy problem solving and/or challenges?
Does the student display an interest and aptitude for science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics?
Is the student an effective leader?
Is the student a team player?
Is the student friendly and/or adapts well to new situations?
Does the student communicate well in a written format?
Does the student communicate well in an oral format?
Does the student follow directions?
Does the student exhibit creative, original thought?
Is this student adventurous and/or enjoys trying new things?
Does the student ask for help when needed?
Is this student resilient when encountering hardships or setbacks?
Does the student follow through with assignments/assigned tasks?

The selection committee welcomes information that will help us to differentiate this applicant from others with regards to academic ability, character, attitudes, social adaptability, leadership, commitment to community, and engagement in issues facing the planet. The following questions are provided as suggestions to help you frame your comments.

  • How does the applicant demonstrate the following: consideration for peers, self-confidence, self-discipline, openness to new ideas, openness to other cultures, maturity, energy, and enthusiasm?
  • How is the applicant already involved in the community and do you see the applicant committing time and energy after the expedition to presentations, outreach, and other community initiatives?
  • Is there any academic or personal difficulty the student has overcome which illustrates their character and/or conveys why JSEP might be transformative for him/her?
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