Arctic Social Sciences Program

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The NSF Arctic Social Sciences Program is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program that encompasses all social sciences research supported by NSF. The Arctic Social Sciences Program supports research that documents and analyzes the dynamic cultures, economies, and technologies of northern populations.

ARCUS provides support to the Arctic Social Sciences Program by organizing workshops to bring together social scientists and researchers from other fields to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and to identify important research themes and how to deal with them.

On the archive website you will find:

  • Information regarding a session at the Fifth International Congress of Arctic Social Scientists (ICASS V) in May 2004 (in partnership with the Alaska Native Science Commission)
  • The 2001 Workshop, which included a round-table discussion about the perspectives of federal and state agencies on arctic social science research.
  • A 1999 publication entitled Arctic Social Sciences: Opportunities in Arctic Research, which grew from a 1997 workshop on opprotunities in Arctic Social Science