Membership Information

ARCUS Member Institutions fall into two distinct classes: voting and non-voting members.

Voting Members
U.S and international institutions are welcome to apply for membership to ARCUS on an equal basis and will assume equal voting rights at any meeting of members. Members that pay the required fees shall qualify as voting members of ARCUS. Voting members shall have and assume all the rights, powers, duties, and obligations accorded to them in the ARCUS Bylaws. Each voting member shall appoint one designated individual representative to serve on the Council of ARCUS Members and to vote on behalf of that member on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. Voting members shall also designate one alternate representative to so serve and vote if the first designated representative is unable to do so. Only members who are current in the payment of all applicable membership fees and assessments are eligible to vote. Membership fees vary for Major Research Institutions and Small Research Institutions (such as certain undergraduate colleges with a record of Arctic involvement). The ARCUS Board of Directors has sole discretion for determining which fee rate applies to each member.

Non-Voting Members

Associated institutions are non-dues paying members and do not have voting privileges at any meeting of members. Each non-voting member shall appoint one designated individual to attend and participate in meetings of the members. Each non-voting member shall also designate one alternate representative.

Application Forms

Application forms, which include options for Major Research Institutions, Small Research Institutions, and Associated Institutions are available here.

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